Cycle & Carriage:
Exceptional journeys.
Cycle & Carriage (C&C), one of the leading automotive groups in Southeast Asia, was faced with a challenge. While it had a physical presence across Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar, selling a wide range of automotive brands, it was primarily known for its sales of Mercedes-Benz cars in Singapore, with little awareness in its other markets. To change this perception, Cycle & Carriage needed to review and rearticulate its brand positioning, coupled with a new brand identity to change how the brand should be activated—and ultimately, recognized—regionally.

The brand promise ‘Exceptional Journeys’ speaks to an organization committed to its customers, partners, investors and employees. Activated across each of Cycle & Carriage’s three markets, delivers an exceptional experience across markets and in concert with all the brands it carries. Its inspiring new promise is helping Cycle & Carriage to stand out, and stand strong, and will help them serve customers with better service and more focus in the future.

Role: Design Director & Designer
Team: Steve Harkin, Will Taylor, Farid Leong
Studio: Interbrand
Year: 2017
Brand identity
Cycle & Carriage was first established as a sundries trader in 1899 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It sold everything from soaps, screwdrivers to bicycles and later motor cars. The Cycle & Carriage logo has evolved over the years to reflect the transformation of the company, changing taste and new technologies. With its twin wheels optimally balanced with a new premium blue paint job, Cycle & Carriage is geared for what’s ahead, carrying its heritage and widespread recognition across the SEA region.
Logo with tagline shifts into a new direction
Showroom entrance

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