Connecting to a new generation of consumers.
Abenson began as a young man’s dream to bring the best of technology to people in order to improve their lives. Since then, Abenson had grown to 100 stores and established itself as the biggest appliance chain in the Philippines. But because of its rapid growth, the brand hadn’t yet defined the way it spoke and looked. It needed to clarify who it was before it could get any bigger.

Abenson’s brief was to reignite the brand and sharpen what it truly stood for, both offline and online. To develop a modern, world-class online store that would attract a new breed of customers that prefer shopping online.

Say hello to Abenson and its ‘Amazingly Awesome’ brand. Abenson created a brand that makes customer’s feel great about themselves; one that is your best friend while shopping online, and turns into a friendly and authentic salesman in stores. Fun. Smart. Trustworthy. Helpful. Inspiring. As grounded as ever, but as trendy as it needs to be to connect with millennials. Are you feelin’ it? Great. Let’s have some awesomely awesome experiences.

Role: Design Director & Designer
Team: Steve Harkin, Nitin Das Rai, Farid Leong
Studio: Interbrand
Year: 2017
Brand identity
Brand guidelines

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